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The Star Series..

Christmas is looming, and this year people seem ready to start decorating a lot sooner! To help get into the spirit of things I wanted to plan a little mini series.. and just like that, in the middle of the night The Star Series came into my head!

So we found the perfect spot on the Quantocks surrounded by Fur Trees and with 3 little helpers we took the star in search for the perfect tree..

Helpers: Elsie, Zac & Alfie

Location: Triscombe, The Quantocks

Star: Chris's Crackers Junk Shop, Dunster

Fuelled by: Hot Chocolate (with cream & marshmallows obv)

Assisted by: Paddy & Russell dog

First up is Elsie, alongside Mum, Dad & Russell Dog (Buddy).. Elsie really was a star and took the mission very seriously. Even using the step box (which I use behind the scenes for height) to get the perfect position!

Next up is Zac, the coolest little dude in his outfit! After enjoying hot chocolate Zac was ready to find THE tree.. with a little help from Mum & Dad to reach the top

And finally Alfie, Alfie is actually one of Paddy's best friends! So of course they needed a good catch up before getting started..

We actually decided in the end that Alfie was a better star for the tree..

So much fun with 3 wonderful little ones and their families!

Can not wait create more mini series just like this...

Chloe xx

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